SOAI White Paper

I. Project Overview

  1. SOAI's Vision and Mission

  2. Project Background and Market Analysis

  3. Core Concepts of the Project

  4. Unique Value Proposition

II. SOAI Platform and Technology

  1. Diverse Choices of AI Emotional Companions

  2. Deep Conversation, Personalized Learning, and Precise Matching

  3. Voice and Video Interaction Experience

  4. From Virtual to Real SOAI Discovery Journey

  5. Privacy Protection and Data Security

III. Token Economics

  1. Basic Information of SOAI Token

  2. Soul Points and SOAI Token Mining Mechanism

  3. Scenarios and Value Capture of SOAI Token

  4. Token Distribution and Buyback Mechanism

IV. NFT Assets and Applications

  1. Nationwide NFT Minting System

  2. NFT Application Scenarios and Value

  3. NFT Minting Cost and Scarcity Control

V. Business Model and Sustainability

  1. User Acquisition and Monetization Approaches

  2. User Engagement and Loyalty Cultivation Based on Hook Model

  3. Diversified Revenue Streams and Sustainable Development Strategy

VI. Team and Partners

  1. Introduction to the Core Founding Team

  2. Advisory Team and Strategic Partners

VII. Roadmap and Future Outlook

  1. Technology Development and Platform Growth Plan

  2. Marketing Campaign and Global Expansion

  3. SOAI's Future Development Vision

VIII. Risk Warning and Disclaimer

  1. Analysis of Key Risk Factors

  2. Disclaimer Clause

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